The Marriage, Family and Life Service of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface is pleased to offer a Free, Fertility Health Awareness Seminar, with sessions in the Spring & Fall.

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Fall Session 2024 (Online)

  • Marquette Method
    November 13, 2024
    6:30-9:00 pm
    Registration deadline: November 6, 2024

  • Creighton & NaPro Technology Method
    November 19, 2024
    6:30-9:00 pm

    Registration deadline: November 12, 2024

Spring Session 2025 (In-Person)

  • May 24, 2025 
    1:00-4:30 pm
    St. Boniface Cathedral Hall
    You may learn one of the following methods:

    -Creighton & NaPro Technology Method
    -Serena Method
    -FEMM Method
    Registration deadline: May 16, 2025

  • May 28, 2025 (In French)
    7:00-9:30 pm
    Archdiocese of St. Boniface
    Serena Method
    Registration deadline: May 14, 2025


This seminar gives couples and individuals the opportunity to discover Natural Family Planning (NFP) & to find a method that fits their needs. Attendees will receive certified teaching on one of the following methods of NFP/Fertility Care: 

Click on the methods or videos below to find out more about each NFP/Fertility Care Method.


There is no cost to participate, however registration is required!

** Please note, that the Fertility Health Awareness seminar is an introductory session, and the class will aim to teach the basics and background on the method. Further classes, and the purchase of materials or resources may be necessary (at a cost) for those interested in fully learning a method.

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Want More Info?

Check out this fun, interactive quiz from Natural Womanhood to help you choose which fertility awareness method might be best for you!

(Click image below & scroll down to blue box).  




For more information:

Marie: mfl@archsaintboniface.ca/204-594-0274
OR Nadine: mfl2@archsaintboniface.ca204-594-0295



Natural family planning (NFP), is a safe and natural method of family planning that allows for individuals and couples to thrive.

Why does the Catholic Church teach that NFP is OK?  What about birth control?  Check out the video below with Fr. Mike Schmitz and Jason Evert or the second video by Dr. Christopher West.



There are different natural family planning methods based on observing a woman’s cycle; a few of which use technological inputs. Check out the methods described under the "Fertility Health Awareness seminar" at the top of the page.


What are the differences between the methods?

Click on chart above to view

More options:

Catholic Introduction to Natural Family Planning
- Free Online Class - by Vitae Fertility

  • 60-minute live online presentation dives into the details of human fertility, the basics
    of Natural Family Planning, and explains the theological aspects of why the Church
    asks Catholic couples to use NFP in their marriage.

  • This course will help to establish your fertility knowledge, so that you’re equipped to choose an NFP method that works for your life and your specific circumstances.

This presentation is offered monthly,
on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, at 7:30pm central time.


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An introduction to Theology of the Body and Natural Family Planning (NFP) from the perspective of a young couple sharing how NFP has empowered and
brought joy and freedom to their marriage.


Professional athletes
, Mike Sweeney and Philip Rivers
share their personal insights and perspectives on natural family planning. 

  • Mike Sweeney- Former MLB player, shares his thoughts on initially using contraception in his marriage vs natural family planning. 
  • Philip Rivers- NFL Quarterback, speaks about his transition from a reluctant obedience of his Catholic faith, to how his relationship, intimacy and connection with his wife was ultimately impacted by NFP.

Click video below to view





 Learn about Fertility Awareness Methods to understand your hormones & health!                                 
Taught by Catholic OB/Gyn Physician - Dr. Monique Ruberu  



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