The Chancery Office looks after all that is linked to the Code of Canon Law. It is also responsible for the archives which ensure the memory of our particular Church of Saint Boniface.

The Chancery maintains the archdiocesan archives and acts, such as the acts of catholicity (baptism, confirmation, marriage, etc.), and can in certain cases issue certificates.

As the “keeper of the seals” of the Archdiocese, the Chancellor countersigns with the Archbishop all the essential archdiocesan documents, including decrees, orders, and nominations.

The Chancery also issues identity cards (celebrets) to the members of the clergy incardinated in the particular Church of Saint Boniface. It maintains files on priests, permanent deacons, and  religious communities present in the archdiocese.

The Chancery Office watches over the statutory archives of places of worship (parishes, chaplaincies, etc.). Every year, it compiles archdiocesan statistics for the Holy See and for the Canadian Catholic Church Directory.

For questions pertaining to archives, records, and certificates, please contact Jeannine, the Chancery adminstrative assistant.

How to  obtain various certificates

The Chancery Office receives requests for baptism and marriage certificates, as well as for genealogical information. We recommend that individuals contact the parish directly for such requests. If you don’t know in which parish the sacrament was received, you will need to find this information in order to proceed.  It might well be available through the Centre du patrimoine of the St. Boniface Historical Society.  The Chancery can only produce a certificate when a parish has been closed and its registers are in our vault.

When someone requests a certificate for Church-related purposes, the fee at the Archdiocese is $15. However, when the certificate or information is needed for other purposes, the fee is $75. This fee pays for the research process, but does not guarantee results. Parishes may charge less.  Please contact Jeannine, the Chancery assistant, to request a certificate from a closed parish.

Papal Blessings

The faithful can receive Apostolic (Papal) Blessings for special occasions. Click here for directions on how to apply.  You will be redirected to the website of the Nunciatura in Ottawa.  Applications should be sent in at least 45 days before the celebration.




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