Marriage Enrichment

Good marriages can always be made better! According to Pope Francis, marriage is “a project to be worked on together” and a “process of growth” (Amoris Laetitia, no. 218, 221). The Catholic Church strives to promote and provide many opportunities for spouses to enrich their marriage and deepen their love and understanding of each other and of the Sacrament of marriage.

Current Marriage Enrichment Opportunities:

“Love Never Ends” Marriage Enrichment Mini Sessions offered by Worldwide Marriage Encounter
In partnership with the Office of Marriage, Family and Life of the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, The Worldwide Marriage Encounter movement in Winnipeg, will be offering a series of marriage enrichments across parishes in 2024. The main theme of the enrichments will be “Love Never Ends”, with half-day or evening options for these life-giving sessions. Each mini enrichment will have a specific focus, for example: Communicating Intimately, Listening in A New Way, and Discovering God’s Desire for our Marriage. Come to enrich and deepen your love for each other as a Catholic/Christian couple. For more information, or if you would like to have one of these enrichments at your parish, please contact Marie Brunet at or 204-594-0274. 

Online Marriage Enrichment:

Marriage Enrichment – The Marriage Kit
Investing in your marriage and your relationship with each other is important. The Marriage Kit created by SmartLoving is an online course for married couples wanting a lasting, passionate relationship. Register for the SmartLoving Marriage Kit here: 

Newlywed Date Nites
Newlywed Date Nites is a program to support couples in their first year of marriage. Sent every second week, each Date Nite includes topic information, reflection questions and a discussion guide for a 30-minute relationship activity that can be easily incorporated into a regular couple date. Compiled by the founders of SmartLoving, Dr Byron and Francine Pirola, it addresses common challenges facing newlyweds with wisdom, insight and humour.
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Marriages in Distress - Breakthrough Course
Many couples at various stages of their marriage face times where they feel stuck and are at a standstill in their relationship. The SmartLoving Breakthrough online course helps marriages under stress by working with individual spouses to optimize their interior peace so that they can approach their difficulties from a position of strength and love.
This course will help to: 
*Identify conflict triggers 
*Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument 
*Find constructive ways to re-establish connection
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Marriage Enrichment Groups and Movements

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
WWME is a couples' experience in various formats (mini-retreats, weekends) that teaches a technique of loving communication to promote intimate and responsible relationships and offers community support for the sacramental lifestyle modeled by the presenters. A WWME enrichment experience is a time for couples to listen to presentations and share privately with each other; a time to focus on themselves. 
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Miriam & Stan Amaladas:

Couples for Christ

A Catholic Charismatic Community that journeys together towards holiness.

Couples for Christ works for the renewal of families that will serve God and build generations of Christian leaders. They strive to build up the domestic church by strengthening relationships and empowering every member of the family.






Teams of Our Lady
Teams of Our Lady is an international Catholic movement for Christian married couples, designed to enrich marriage spirituality and make good marriages better. Teams provide a proven method of increasing and improving prayer life, which will help couples grow closer to God and each other.

Languages: English, French, Spanish

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CANA provides a pathway for deepening couples' love for each other, rediscovering the beauty of marriage and tasting the loving presence of God. CANA offers programs of support including:

CANA WELCOME – A program designed for couples in churches and parishes to come together in their locality and focus on married life and family

CANA FRATERNITIES – Couples continue to build unity and fellowship by coming together to strengthen and serve each other

Cana Couple and Families - Chemin Neuf Canada (
Local Contacts: Ed and Wendy Sikora; 204-792-5588








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