Archbishop Albert LeGatt's Welcome 

 Most Reverend Albert LeGatt,

Archbishop of Saint Boniface

Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. Please walk through this portal to discover the vibrant life of this unique diocese.

It is unique by its history as it is the mother Church of all of western and much of northern Canada. It is unique by the rich degree of its variety, made up of a strong presence of French and English, of First Nations and Métis, as well as people continuing to arrive from all parts of the world, all of us with our own cultural expression of the one faith in Jesus Christ.

And as each diocese or particular Church, as part of the universal Church, is called to discover its own unique way of continuing the mission of Christ, I invite you to discover though this website all the ways we seek to proclaim, live and celebrate the love of Christ in our part of the world.

Discover the several main priorities we’ve discerned as Christ’s call to us as a diocese at this time: to be evangelisers, to be modern missionaries, constantly reaching out to share our faith as an invitation to all to come and know Christ and the beauty and power of his saving love.

And from this call stems: 1) the need for continual growth in understanding and living our faith, especially as adults; 2) the importance of having all the baptized participate in this mission, with a particular focus on the role and active involvement of the laity, with the structures and the formation needed for this; 3) the need to ensure a joyful and life-giving ministry of priests and deacons.

So please discover through our website all the people, parishes, initiatives and services that serve to offer up the Good News of God’s love to southern and eastern Manitoba. I am sure you will find it interesting. Come to know us, come be one with us.









Most Reverend Albert LeGatt, D.D.
Telephone: 204-237-9851


Executive Assistant to the Archbishop

Claire David

Telephone: 204-237-9858

151 de la Cathédrale Avenue
Winnipeg  MB  R2H 0H6


Vicar General
Father Charles Fillion

Telephone: TBA

204-237-9851, ext. 216


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