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Many Church and Community Centres have outreach programs for youth, homeless, and people in need. There are too many to list accurately. Our society is large and the needs are great. But the day to day response that is in our hearts is immense.

Volunteer Manitoba

Rossbrook House
658 Ross Avenue, Wpg. MB R3A 0M1
Opened in 1976, led by Sister Geraldine MacNamara (1938-1984) “No child who does not want to be alone, should ever have to be.’

St. Boniface Street Links         
311 Provencher Ave., Wpg. MB R2H 0G8      
St. Boniface Street Links works to end homelessness, reduce poverty and support crime prevention through social development as a “best practice” for successful community development. 

Morberg House       
311 Provencher Ave., Wpg. MB R2H 0G8       
A place for the homeless in St. Boniface. Located in the Heart of Old North St. Boniface, Morberg House is a 10-bed facility offering transitional housing in a supportive, room and board environment.

The Jubilee Fund Inc.
210 - 207 Fort Street, Wpg. MB R3C 1E2
The Jubilee Fund Inc. is an ethical investment fund established to raise awareness concerning the interrelated issues of poverty reduction, financial assets and access to credit. The Jubilee Fund provides loan guarantees and bridge financing to not-for-profit organizations and businesses, (co-operatives and social enterprises) to initiate or complete community based projects that reduce poverty and financial exclusion. The Jubilee Fund projects typically contribute to community needs and priorities, low income housing and/or small business or worker co-op business opportunities.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
Saint Boniface, MB

204-233-7304 ext 250
We are called to alleviate suffering and its causes, serving everyone regardless of race, creed, gender, opinion or age.  As Vincentians we understand that poverty does not only involve being in need of material goods.  The Society's main service throughout the world is home visits to the poor.

Manitoba Catholic Prison Ministry 
There is faith behind these walls. 

Agape Table 
Colony St. Wpg. MB R3C 1W2
We are a community which strives to deliver nourishment to the body, mind and spirit to all in need.

Jocelyn House Hospice
177 Egerton Ave., Wpg. MB R2M 2W7
We support quality end of life care.

Crisis Pregnancy Centre
650 Broadway Ave., Wpg. MB R3C 0X3
We support all pregnant women who are in need; at a time in their life where it is most vulnerable.

Our Place Chez Nous Drop in Center
676 Main Street, Wpg MB R3B E4  
Our facility provides a nonjudgmental environment for people who live in the city core. They all receive the day to day basics of life.

118 Regent Ave., Wpg. MB R2C 0C1          
Our mission is to make known the gift of people with intellectual disabilities.

Centre Flavie Laurent Centre
440 Provencher Blvd. Wpg. MB R2J 0B9
Flavie-Laurent Centre, in partnership with its milieu, brings assistance and comfort to the impoverished and the vulnerable by distributing at no cost clothing, furniture and household items.

Villa Rosa   
784 Wolseley Ave., Wpg. MB R3G 1C6      
Our mission is to provide support to mothers, babies and their families during and after pregnancy. 

Pluri-elles (Manitoba) Inc.  
Unit 114 - 420 Des Meurons Ave. Wpg. MB R2H 2N9  
Our concern is with prevention of violence against women and children; support groups for mothers, development of links between French-speaking women in Manitoba and health promotion projects for French speaking women. 

Winnipeg Harvest 
1085 Winnipeg Ave., Wpg. MB R3E 0S2    
Winnipeg Harvest is a non-profit, community-based organization committed to providing food to people who struggle to feed themselves and their families. We are also committed to maximizing public awareness of hunger while working towards long-term solutions to hunger and poverty. 

Palliative Manitoba
2109 Portage Ave., Wpg. MB R3J 0L3    
We are changing the conversation about death and dying. Palliative Manitoba is focused on helping individuals live as fully as possible until the end of life. 
Palliative Manitoba is a registered charity that is keenly focused on improving living until the end of life. Serving as a vital resource for individuals, families and caregivers, we provide programs, services, education and information in an effort to lessen the inevitable stress during life’s final journey. While our main goal is to improve life until its end, Palliative Manitoba also aims to enhance the profile and understanding of palliative care in the province. 

Siloam Mission
300 Princess Ave., Wpg. MB   R3B 1M3  
As a Christian humanitarian agency, Siloam Mission is a connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate. Through the efforts of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers Siloam Mission works tirelessly to alleviate the hardships of poverty and homelessness. The Mission assists in transitioning homeless and disadvantaged people to more self-sufficient and healthier lifestyles by providing referral services, life-skill development, education upgrading and employment training opportunities. 

The Good Shepherd Campaign – Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface
Good Shepherd Campaign is in support of the seminarian education and internship programs for new Catholic priests. 

MB Interfaith Immigration Council
521 Bannatyne Ave., Wpg. MB R3A 0E4    
Our mission is to welcome and provide settlement services for refugees and immigrants living in Manitoba. We support equitable treatment of all persons and embrace cross cultural differences. 

Missionaries of Charity
167 Aikins Street, Wpg. MB R2W 4G1    
As we serve in Point Douglas our mission is simple, ‘’to provide care other than treatment.’’ 

LightHouse Mission    
669 Main Street, Wpg. MB R3B 1E3                  
Love All, Serve All! Everyone matters! We served the less fortunate in inner-city Winnipeg since 1911. In our over a century of service, Lighthouse Mission has provided food, clothing, friendship, hope, joy and love to those in need in our community. As Lighthouse Mission grows, we remain committed to serving Winnipeg’s less fortunate. 

Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba   
431 Taché Ave, Wpg., MB R2H 2H6  
204 258-1053

Catholic Health Association of Manitoba
Rm. N5067, St. Boniface Hospital Education Bldg., Wpg. MB R2H 2A6  

St. Amant

440 River Rd, Winnipeg, MB R2M 3Z9  

Holy Names House of Peace

211 Edmonton St., Winnipeg

185 Despins Street, Winnipeg MB R2H 2B3
Actionmarguerite is a community-based, non-profit corporation dedicated to serve the elderly and the individuals with complex care needs by delivering care and programs in the Winnipeg area. It is owned by the Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba and receives the majority of its funding through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. Actionmarguerite is the union of Taché Center, Foyer Valade and St. Joseph’s Residence.

Canadian Food Grains Bank
400-393 Portage Ave. Winnipeg, MB  R3B 3H6
204-944-1993; 1-800-665-0377

Please submit the names of any group/organization we may have omitted to:

Louis Balcaen,, 204-392-7267
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