Ministry Positions - Sample Descriptions

Working Together for a Safe and Respectful Church Environment
Step 2 – Ministry Position Description

Each parish should work towards having a ministry role description for every ministry position within the parish.  It is imperative to describe each ministry position and define its inherent risk and the measures that will be taken in order to address these risks.  Please refer to the website.

Below are the items that must appear on every Ministry Position Description.

1. Overview

  • States what the position is about

2. Activities/Responsibilities

  • Lists what this position requires the volunteer to do and how and when they are required to perform these responsibilities

3. Skills, Experience and Qualifications

  • Lists the knowledge and ability the volunteer should have in order to carry out the responsibilities
  • Lists what the volunteer should be like in order to carry out the responsibilities

4. Personal Traits and Qualities

  • Lists what the volunteer should be like in order to carry out the responsibilities

5. Orientation and Training

  • Lists what is needed to prepare you for this ministry in this parish community

6. Participant Group

  • Outlines who the volunteer will serve and with whom they will minister

7. Support, Supervision, and Evaluation

  • Outlines who will support the volunteer in this ministry position

8. Length of Ministry Appointment

  • States how long the volunteer is required to serve in this ministry position

9. Benefits and Working Conditions

  • Lists the advantages and the working conditions the volunteer will experience in this position

10. Screening Recommendations

  • Lists the Level of Risk and the Screening Steps that are used for this Position.

Finally, include a place for the date and the signatures of approval.


Below is a list of the standardized ministry position descriptions. All parishes are to use the standardized ministry position descriptions listed here. If a standardized ministry position is similar in duties, activities and responsibilities to one at your parish but is different in name, you may change the title of that ministry to reflect the ministry name used at your parish.

    1. Adoration Coordinator – General Risk
    2. Altar Server - Adult – General or High Risk*
    3. Altar Server – Child/Youth – General Risk
    4. Altar Server Coordinator – High Risk
    5. Baptismal Preparation Coordinator – General Risk
    6. Baptismal Preparation Team Member – General Risk
    7. Bereavement Team Coordinator – High Risk
    8. Bereavement Team Member – High Risk
    9. Bible Study Coordinator – General Risk
    10. Catechumenal Catechist of Children’s Initiation – High Risk
    11. Children’s Liturgy of the Word Coordinator – High Risk
    12. Children’s Liturgy of the Word Helper/Volunteer – High Risk
    13. Children’s Liturgy of the Word Teacher – High Risk
    14. Choir Director – General or High Risk*
    15. Choir Member – Adult – General or High Risk*
    16. Choir Member – Child/Youth – General
    17. Collection Counter – High or General Risk**
    18. Collection Counter Coordinator – High or General Risk**
    19. Coordinator of Children’s Initiation – General or High Risk*
    20. Custodian/Maintenance Person – High Risk
    21. CWL Christian Family Life Standing Committee Chairperson – General Risk
    22. CWL Communications Standing Committee Chairperson – General Risk
    23. CWL Community Life Standing Committee Chairperson – General Risk
    24. CWL Education and Health Standing Committee Chairperson – General Risk
    25. CWL Organization Standing Committee Chairperson – General Risk
    26. CWL Parish Activities Standing Committee Chairperson – General Risk
    27. CWL Past President – General Risk
    28. CWL President – General Risk
    29. CWL Recording Secretary – General Risk
    30. CWL Spiritual Development Standing Committee Chairperson – General Ris
    31. CWL Treasurer – High Risk
    32. Extraordinary Minister of Communion – General Risk
    33. Extraordinary Minister of Communion Coordinator – High Risk
    34. Extraordinary Minister of Communion to Homes/Institutions – High Risk
    35. Good Shepherd Catechesis Catechist – High Risk
    36. Good Shepherd Catechesis Coordinator – High Risk
    37. Lay Pastoral Visitor – High Risk
    38. Lay Pastoral Visitor’s Coordinator – High Risk
    39. Lector – General Risk
    40. Lectors’ Coordinator – General Risk
    41. Legion of Mary Leader – High Risk
    42. Legion of Mary Member – High Risk
    43. Liturgical Environment Planner – General or High Risk
    44. Liturgical Hospitality Coordinator - General Risk
    45. Liturgical Hospitality: Greeters & Ushers - General Risk
    46. Marriage Preparation Coordinator – General Risk
    47. Marriage Preparation Facilitator – General Risk
    48. Outreach Program Coordinator – High Risk
    49. Outreach Program; Cook – General or High Risk*
    50. Outreach Program; Friendly Visitor – High Risk
    51. Outreach Program; Meal Delivery – High Risk
    52. Outreach Program; Server – General Risk
    53. Parish Finance Council Member – General Risk
    54. Parish Finance Council Vice Chairperson – General Risk
    55. Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson - General Risk
    56. Parish Pastoral Council Member – General Risk
    57. Parish Social Ministries – High or General Risk***
    58. Parish Volunteer Screening Committee Member – High Risk
    59. Parish Volunteer Screening Coordinator – High Risk
    60. Prayer Group Coordinator – High Risk
    61. RCIA Catechumenal Catechist – General Risk
    62. RCIA Catechumenal Director – General Risk
    63. RCIA Sponsor – General Risk
    64. Religious Articles Purchaser - General Risk
    65. Religious Articles Vendor – High Risk
    66. Sacramental Preparation Coordinator – General or High Risk*
    67. Sacramental Preparation Team Member – General or High Risk
    68. Social Committee Coordinator – General Ris
    69. Social Committee Member – General Risk
    70. Sports League Coach – High Risk
    71. Sunday School Religious Education Assistant – High Risk
    72. Sunday School Religious Education Catechist – High Risk
    73. Sunday School Religious Education Coordinator – High Risk
    74. Volunteer Driver – High Risk
    75. Wedding Coordinator – General Risk
    76. Youth Minister – General or High Risk*
    77. Youth Ministers’ Assistant – General or High Risk*
    78. Youth Ministers’ Director – General or High Risk* 

* When children (without the accompaniment of a parent and/or guardian) or the vulnerable are involved, this ministry position is High Risk.

** When the Pastor is always present, this ministry position is General Risk.

*** When the participants are not vulnerable persons and/or depending upon the level of activity, this ministry position may be considered General Risk.

For any allegations of abuse against a cleric, victims or others are encouraged to call:

Sophia Ali



Safe Environment Coordinator