1820 Erected in the Red River Episcopal District       
1845  North West Vicariate Apostolic
1847 (June 4) Suffragan Diocese of Quebec
1871 (September 22) Metropolitan Seat
  Succession of Bishops & Archbishops
1822-1847 Mgr Joseph-Norbert PROVENCHER, auxiliary bishop of Quebec, responsible for the North West Vicariate Apostolic         
1847-1853 Mgr Joseph-Norbert PROVENCHER (1st bishop)
1853-1871 Mgr Alexandre-Antonin TACHÉ, OMI (2nd bishop)
1871-1894 Mgr Alexandre-Antonin TACHÉ,OMI (1st archbishop)
1857-1871 Mgr Vital-Justin GRANDIN, OMI, coadjutor with right of succession, transferred to Saint Albert (1871-1902)   
1895-1915 Mgr Louis-Philippe Adélard LANGEVIN (2nd archbishop)
1915-1955 Mgr Arthur BÉLIVEAU (3rd archbishop)
1933-1941 Mgr Émile YELLE, PSS, coadjutor with right of succession, deceased in 1947
1941-1952 Mgr Georges CABANA, coadjutor with right of succession, promoted coadjutor of Sherbrooke, with right of succession, on January 29, 1952

 Mgr Maurice BAUDOUX, coadjutor with right of succession

1955-1974 Mgr Maurice BAUDOUX (4th archbishop)
1974-2000 Mgr Antoine HACAULT (5th archbishop
2001-2009 Mgr Émilius GOULET, PSS (6th archbishop)
2009 (depuis)

Mgr Albert LeGatt  (7th archbishop)



1st row:

Mgr Provencher, Mgr Taché, Mgr Langevin

2nd row:

Mgr Béliveau, Mgr Yelle, Mgr Cabana

 3rd row:

Mgr Baudoux, Mgr Hacault, Mgr Goulet









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