Committee for Renewal & Growth of Parish Pastoral Councils


To actively assist parishes in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface, in the development and implementation of Parish Pastoral Councils (PPC).  


That each parish in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface have an active Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) focused on the particular needs of the parish and its Mission and Vision.


  • Be a point of contact for parishes in need of support
  • Promote the implementation of the Diocesan “Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils - Upper Room” document.
  • Develop workshops in answer to the needs expressed.
  • Maintain a list of resource materials on the Diocesan website.
  • Present, promote and encourage the use of Diocesan documents.
  • Prepare periodic communiques.

Church Documents

Instruction "The pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelising mission of the Church", click here.

Archdiocesan Documents

January 2023 - Guide for the Forming/Revitalizing of a Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), click here.

November 2022 - Welcoming New Priests, click here.

May 2022 - Celebration of Recognition/Commissioning of the Parish Pastoral Council (PPC), click here.

*REVISED* September 2019 - From the "Upper Room" to "the Ends of the Earth" - Guidelines for Parish Pastoral Councils, click here.

January 2019 - Mission-Driven versus Maintenance-Driven, click here

Letter from Archbishop LeGatt regarding the newly-configured diocesan Committee for Renewal & Growth of PPCs, click here.

Parish Pastoral Council Outcomes, click here.

Diocesan Project for the Renewal & Growth of Parishes - Summary,  click here.

Diocesan Pastoral Council Documents

* NEW * Fall 2023 - Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting documents, click here.

Committee for the Renewal & Growth of Parish Pastoral Councils 


Chair: Paulette Vielfaure Dupuis


  • Alesa Sutherland
  • Raynald Dupuis
  • Gisèle Evecsyn
  • Fr. Chrys Agu, priest advisor

Our goals are clear: the formation of parish communities of missionary disciples as called for by Pope Francis. Together we strive to live out the full mission of the Church sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and building up his reign of justice, mercy, love and peace. In all of this, it is increasingly clear that in a parish, the two key sources and prime movers of all this are the Pastors, Parish Life Directors and the Parish Pastoral Council (surrounded and carried by all the faithful). It is a shared leadership of imagining and discerning where God is calling us, then a collaborative effort of planning and carrying out the will of God. We must walk the talk together. The efforts of the Diocesan Committee for the Renewal and Growth of Parish Pastoral Councils can help all of us in doing this. 

Let us always pray for the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, let us always pray for one another.

Renewal & Growth of Parish Pastoral Councils