Coat of Arms

Heraldy Description of the Coat of Arms, Most Reverend Albert LeGatt, D.D.

Archbishop of Saint Boniface

 The Colour Blue evokes the Virgin Mary, principal patroness of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface under her title of the Immaculate Conception. It also represents the blue prairie skies.

The Ermine is found in the coat of arms of Brittany, the home of Archbishop Albert LeGatt’s ancestors. This represents the heritage of Christian faith and Breton culture passed on from generation to generation.

The Sheaf of Wheat highlights Christ’s teaching, “Unless a grain of wheat dies, it remains only a single grain, but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest” (Jn 12:24). It also highlights the Church’s Eucharist wherein the scattered grains are brought together and made one bread to be shared so the Church itself might be brought together from the ends of the earth into the Kingdom. It also represents the prairie provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Archbishop LeGatt’s early farm background.

The White Band at the middle of the coat of arms represents the Red River. It was on the banks of the Red River that Bishop Joseph Norbert Provencher, first bishop of Saint-Boniface, established the first Catholic mission in the Canadian West. It also represents the waters of baptism and the abundance of new life in Christ given to us through this sacrament wherein we are made members of the Body of Christ forever.

The Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit, source of the Church’s unity in its faith, hope and love (Eph 4:2-6).

The Motto: Ut Unum Sint, “That They May Be One” (Jn 17:22) highlights the prayer of Christ and the ministry of the Archbishop called to be servant and presider of the Church’s unity in Christ. This motto was chosen at his ordination to the priesthood in June 19, 1983 and has always guided his ministry.

The Hat With Ten Tassels on either side of the Metropolitan Cross is an emblem of the hierarchical status of the archiepiscopal office.

The Pallium is the sign of the archiepiscopal ministry in union with the Holy See of Rome. 





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