Abuse is the violation of physical, psychological and financial integrity or trust of another person. Abuse may consist of just one incident or it may happen repeatedly.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is the subjection of an adult or child to a sexual act which is in violation of the applicable statures of law.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is use of one’s position of power or trust to have sexual contact or attempted sexual contact with another person.

Pornographic Offence

Pornographic offence is the possession, creation or distribution of any photographic, film, video or other visual representation that shows a person who is depicted as engaged in inappropriate sexual activity, and any written material that advocates or counsels inappropriate sexual activity.

Public Misconduct

Public misconduct is misconduct that becomes public or known. This could include actions that are considered to be crimes, such as indecent exposure or lewd activity. It might also include other immoral actions that may not be crimes but which become known. Clergy, church staff and volunteers are expected to comport themselves according to their specific vocation both while doing service as well as throughout their Christian life.


Any person sixteen years of age or older who is not yet an adult.