Mission Statement

Our logo is a summarisation of our clients’ lives as married couples. We aim to help them find an inner peace that will gradually calm the turbulent seas through which they have navigated. As they look ahead to a renewed life, the sun will shine again and light up their whole life! They will rediscover joy and happiness in their soul, their body and their relationships.



Separated, divorced and remarried persons can request that their marriage be considered for a possible Declaration of Nullity at the Marriage Tribunal of the Catholic Church in their diocese.

The tribunal's main concern is to offer to each person, compassion, hope and love from the Church and provide a healing process to the separated, divorced and remarried persons. Aware of the important pastoral implications of its services, the staff of the tribunal is fully committed to professional confidentiality.

 Proceed as Follows

To introduce a case for a possible declaration of nullity, please contact your pastor, a deacon or the secretary-notary of the Marriage Tribunal.

Regina Regional Tribunal Saint Boniface Branch

151 de la Cathédrale Avenue

Saint Boniface (Winnipeg) Manitoba R2H 0H6

Telephone: 204-594-0267




Alice LeCunff

Telephone: 204-594-0267

Emai: alecunff@archsaintboniface.ca


Defender of the Bond

Fr. Carl Tarnopolski


Richard Schaubroeck





Marriage Tribunal