Next Steps in the Spiritual and Pastoral Renewal 


"The meadows of the wilderness overflow" was the motto of Bishop Norbert Provencher, the first bishop of our beloved archdiocese; it remains true and continues to resonate with us. The soil in St. Boniface is very fertile, as are our hearts which continue to produce beautiful fruits.


A little over five years ago, we embarked together on a strategic planning process. Following many discussions with the laity and priests, the Action Plan for the spiritual and pastoral renewal of our diocese was developed. This ambitious plan was founded on our mission and vision, our values, as well as five overarching guiding principles. Today, the diocese wishes to share with you the fruits of each service during the last few years.


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Watch the video on Catechetics for a more in-depth look at this ministry. 

 The following questions may be used to further your reflection. 

General Questions for PPCs

Questions to Guide the Evaluation of Specific Ministries













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