Resources to Download

The following resosurces will support the Prayer Liturgy

  • Saint John's Bible Pamphlet
    This three-fold pamphlet describes the Saint John’s Bible, the purpose of the Bible in the Archdiocese and the prayer program created for when parishes host the Bible.
  • Saint John's Bible Rack Card
    This 2-sided 28 x 10 cm (11 x 4 inches) card describes the Saint John’s Bible.

The following resource informs on the Saint John's Bible


Saint John's Bible Committee


Co-Chair: Camille Légaré, CSV


Co-Chair: Julien Fradette


Committee Members:

  • Karen Duncan
  • Michelle Larose-Kuzenko
  • Yolande Le Quéré
  • Philippe Le Quéré, Deacon



 Road to Emmaus, Sally Mae Joseph, © 2002  


The Saint John's Bible

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