Prayer Liturgy

Prayer Liturgy with the Saint John's Bible

A program for a Prayer Liturgy has been created for when the Bible is hosted by a parish / Deanery. It includes:

  • a history of the Arrival of the Gospel in Western Canada 200 years ago
  • an introduction to Saint John's Bible
  • "Lectio / Visio Divina" with The Road to Emmaus
  • an opportunity to come look closely at the Bible


When will this Prayer Liturgy happen?

One or more Prayer Liturgy with the Bible will take place in each Deanery. The dates should be advertised in your parish bulletin.


Who will lead this Prayer Liturgy?

Leaders of Prayer Liturgy with the Bible will be selected by their parish / Deanery. Formation for the Leaders will take place on Thursday November 23 in the evening OR Saturday November 25 in the morning. Participants will be notified of time and place when they are registered by their parish / Deanery.


Resources for this Prayer Liturgy

Leaders will receive the resources needed to lead the Prayer Liturgy when they come for formation. Some of those resources are available on the Resources to Download or Useful Links pages.

Saint John's Bible Committee


Co-Chair: Camille Légaré, CSV


Co-Chair: Julien Fradette


Committee Members:

  • Karen Duncan
  • Michelle Larose-Kuzenko
  • Yolande Le Quéré
  • Philippe Le Quéré, Deacon



 Road to Emmaus, Sally Mae Joseph, © 2002  


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