Our Faith Stories, Treasures to Share : 2019

Spreading the joy of the Gospel, one guitar strum at a time

Well known for his love of country and gospel music, Father Armand Le Gal, omi, will once again take guitar in hand to give a concert at a local parish – this time at Christ the King parish on February 9. An event that gives us an opportunity to get to know how music has played a role in his personal and priestly life.

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On suicide, and helping those who suffer in silence

As Catholics, we used to focus only on the idea of suicide as a mortal sin.  It is still morally wrong and grave matter, but recent research shows however that most suicides are associated with some form of clinical depression.  

For Deacon Gilles Urquhart, who will be giving a talk on suicide at the next Spirit Night, this is a key consideration in how Catholics ought to broach the subject and, more importantly, approach friends, family, parishioners and other people who may be suffering to the point of considering taking their own lives. Read the Full Story

Spirit Night: ‘Suicide: A Pastoral Perspective’, an evening of prayer and teaching, will be held from 7 to 9 PM on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at the Villa Aulneau, at 330-601 Aulneau St, Winnipeg. Ask for Sr. Bilodeau at the front desk. Fellowship and refreshments to follow. Everyone welcome.
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