Our Faith Stories, Treasures to Share - 2016

  • National Youth Ministry Conference Got Mercy 2016 Winnipeg, MB:  Youth ministers learn new tools for evangelization at conference  

  • Dedication & Blessing of the Plaque of St. John Berchmans, Holland, November 2016: Fr. Jose Montepeque, Pastor of the Holland Catholic Center, unveiled and blessed a plaque which depicts the parish's Patron saint as he was about to receive his Last Holy Communion, an event which was well documented right after his death, in anticipation of canonization proceedings as he had lived such a holy life. Read story.
  • Diocesan Wedding Anniversary - 'Love Never Fails', November 2016: A large gathering witnessed a joy-filled diocesan celebration of married love for many couples from throughout the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. Couples present were married from 5 to 55 years. Read story.
  • 14th Annual Worldwide Eucharistic Children's Holy Hour - 'Praying for Peace in Families and in the World', October 2016: The children and youth of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish experienced the joy of knowing that children and youth just like themselves were gathered before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, praying the same prayers for their own family and all the families of the world, spiritually united for peace. Read story.
  •  The Ursuline Sisters & Sainte Marie School Reunion, July 2016: The alumni of the Sainte Marie School during the years of 1950 to 1962 gathered on Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, July 24 to renew acquaintances and reminisce. The year of 1962 was the last year of high school in Bruxelles. Many of the students that attended the school came from different provinces. Read story.
  • Feast of Corpus Christi,Treherne, June 2016: For the first time in many years, a beautiful procession of the Blessed Sacrament was held in Treherne, MB. Read story.
  • Life is for Everyone, May 2016: Profound and intense questions, around issues of life, were addressed during a candid chat with Winnipeg’s three Catholic Archbishops.  Read story.
  • 'Priest, Prophet and King’, May 2016: The fullness of Confimation and how youth in today’s world, learn to live their roles as priest, prophet and king? Read story.
  • Death ‘a very sacred place’, May 2016:  'Our death-denying culture thinks of death as losing the battle’, says Dr. Chantale Demers. ‘The aim of palliative care is to add life to days, not just days to life’. Read story.
  • Multicultural Potluck Dining, Mary, Mother of the Church: Sunday, May 15 was a windy, cool day splattered with rain. However, the weather didn’t interfere with the fourth annual multicultural potluck lunch at 1 p.m. at Mary, Mother of the Church parish hall.  Read story. 
  • Parish Seeks Renewal and Growth, April 2016. A lively exchange of ideas, questions, concerns and comments from a packed hall of parishioners followed the presentation of Mary, Mother of the Church’s new mission statement and parish renewal and growth initiative at the annual general assembly. Read complete story.
  • Families: the Heart of the Church, March 19, 2016. The family is essential to the Church because it is the medium through which faith is transmitted. Read complete story.
  • World Marriage Day, St. John Berchmans Parish, Holland: Parishioners were invited to bring a wedding photo for a celebration of World Marriage Day. Read complete story.
  • Networking for Healthy Marriages and Strong Families: On January 21, 2016, the Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface hosted a group of representatives from surrounding parishes who came to discuss marriage and family issues, at the invitation of the Archdiocese’s Marriage, Family and Life Service. The parishes represented were Mary, Mother of the ChurchSt. Timothy and Saint-Malo/Blessed Margaret. The focus of the meeting was to draw inspiration from each parish’s experience. Read complete story. 
  • In Hiding, Fleeing, Then a Refugee, but Most Importantly Alive, April 2016: Maria, like many other young men and women in Eritrea, refused to go to military camp, even though that meant the end of her schooling. Her nightmare was just beginning. She fled from her country in 2011. Thanks to the support of the St. Alphonsus Parish, Maria's cousin was able to welcome her to Manitoba in September 2014. Read complete story.
  • Theology Outside the Walls: Tuesday, March 15th the dioceses of Saint Boniface and Winnipeg relaunched Theology on Tap (TOT), an evening at a pub/restaurant during which young adults from all over, got together to meet, discuss and have their questions answered by the invited  speaker, Fr. Len Altilia, who spoke about the Jubilee of Mercy and of Pope Francis. Read complete story.
  • A Call to Social Vigilantes: Saturday, March 5th was the first Diocesan Social Justice Awareness Day organized by the Archdiocese of St. Boniface. To inspire attendees, one of the conference speakers was Myron Rogal,  Coordinator for Justice and Peace for the Diocese of Saskatoon. Read complete story.
  • March 2016: ‘Love Lifts Up & Forgiveness Heals Hurts’, Fr. Augustine Ezedeniru, parish priest in Fort Alexander, was inspired to design T-shirts to share the message ‘Love Lifts Up & Forgiveness Heals Hurts’ with his parishioners,especially during this year of the Jubilee of Divine Mercy. Read complete story.
  • February 2016: Breaking New Ground: Development of a Parish Grief Support Group, World Day of the Sick: February 11,  2016. Read complete story.

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