Christian Stewardship

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Christian Stewardship: TIME, TALENT, TREASURE

Christian stewardship is one of five sectors identified by the Archdiocese for the implementation of the major guiding principles of the Action Plan, in the next five years.

 “Christian stewardship is a form of spirituality firmly anchored in the Bible, especially in the life of Jesus. At the heart of stewardship is the concrete expression of thankfulness toward God for his abundant graces and gifts. We recognize that everything we have and who we are comes from God.

We are managers and stewards, not owners, of everything that God has entrusted to us. We must welcome all these gifts with gratitude, use them wisely, share them with a sense of justice and love, and make them fruitful before God so that His kingdom may come.” (Action Plan, 2013-18)

 Christian stewardship is three-fold: Time, Talents, Treasure.


"Giving of time involves being with God in prayer and worship, sharing our love with family and friends, and volunteering our time in church, diocesan and community activities that help others and promote justice.”

"I became involved in the Diocesan Gathering through the side door. I have a deep desire to share my faith and I know there is a great need to educate and re-educate people in the Catholic faith. Therefore, I joined the Diocesan Adult Faith Formation Committee.

Meanwhile, the Gathering was being set up, as a public celebration of our Catholic faith. It is with this evangelical perspective that I became involved to ensure that the Gathering became a family celebration where faith is not only talked about but also lived."

Donald Boulet, Co-chair, Adult Faith Formation

"From liturgical ministries,RCIA, pastoral council, catechism and more,I have lent a hand in many ways in our faith community. When I was approached to participate in a committee preparing the diocesan guidelines for PPCs I wondered what I could possibly contribute.I decided to try any way.The rewards have been wonderful."

Bernie Quennelle, Co-chair, PPC


“Sharing our talents arises from the fact that God has given each of us the ability and gifts to do certain things well and we are to develop those talents for the good of others. Many individuals commit a certain number of hours each week to prayer and charitable activities.”

"For many years now, I have been interpreting in my community SNJM and it seems to be appreciated. I like to serve this way because I can meet interesting people. I always learn something when I volunteer, be it in interpreting or in visiting people at Actionmarguerite (Taché Centre). It is a gift to myself!"

Sister Jeannine Vermette, SNJM

"In June 2010, I accepted to head the Translation Services for the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. In the past, I had very often translated in French for various non-profit organizations. The Diocese was asking me to put my abilities and my experiences to good use for the service of the Church. The Church is vital to me and this seemed like a call from the Holy Spirit. Since I started this work, I am blessed, for my work with people of great spiritual and human depth nourishes my religious and inner life."

Gilberte Proteau, Person in Charge, Translation Services


“Giving of our treasure is equally as important as giving of our time and talent. Since God does not hold back on any area of His giving, we are not to hold back on any area of our giving, especially in the crucial area of supporting our parish, diocese, Catholic schools and community organizations.”

Think about it!

Come forward!

You are needed.

 Requests for volunteers, at the Diocesan level or for organizations, are often listed in the Weekly News (

"One of the challenges we now face is, to quote scripture “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”. We all have God-given talents that can be multiplied tenfold as we work together. “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers in his fields”. (Mt 9:37-38)

Bernie Quennelle, PPC

*The text for Time, Talent, Treasure is adapted, with permission, from the Stewardship Manual. Diocese of Charlotte, NC. 2010


  • Set up a committee of representatives from the Archdiocese and interested parishes to establish an Office of Stewardship for the Archdiocese.
  • Offer training for a deeper understanding of the spirituality of stewardship.
  • Provide the necessary resources to facilitate the implementation of Christian stewardship in interested parishes.





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