Archbishop LeGatt's Videos

Bishop LeGatt's COVID-19 Message

A Hopeful Message from Bishop LeGatt 

 Bishop Albert LeGatt: "God is with and
within each of us"

Bishop LeGatt's Holy Week 2020 Message



 Bishop LeGatt's 2020 Easter Message

Bishop LeGatt: The Family is the Domestic Church


Bishop LeGatt: Peace, Hope and Love

A Consecration of Hope 

Bishop LeGatt on the National Week for
Life and the Family

Archbishop Albert's Update Following Prudent Loosening of Gathering Restrictions 

Three Ordinations: A Sign of Great Hope for Our Church

A Reflection from Archbishop LeGatt Following the Murder of George Floyd 

We're all in this together!

Archbishop LeGatt on 2020 Pastoral Appointments

Bishop LeGatt: "Congratulations 2020 Grads! Find Hope in Today!"

Only God's Hope May Guide Us in the Midst of Deep Sadness


Bishop LeGatt: "Listen to the Rustle of the Wind"

Let Us Be Part of God's "How"

Bishop LeGatt: We're All In This Together For the Long Haul 

Discernment in Times of Pandemic


We Truly Are His Hands and Feet!