Pastoral (Quinquennial) Report January 2006 - December 2015

 Message of Most Reverend Albert LeGatt, Archbishop of Saint Boniface on the occasion of his « ad limina » Visit to the Holy Father, March 27 to April 2, 2017 

Archbishop's message

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Appendices to the report:

A. Pastoral Message of Archbishop Albert LeGatt delivered on the Second Sunday of Lent (March 20, 2011)

B. Action Plan 2013-2018: Spiritual and Pastoral Renewal of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface

C. Consultation, Communication and Diocesan Services Flowchart

D. Questionnaire for the Canonical Pastoral visits: Objectives, Preparation and Activities of The Pastoral Visit of The Parish

E. Statistics - Sacremental Life:  2005  and  2015 (bilingual document)

F. Consultation on The Permanent Diaconate in Manitoba,by Archbishop Albert LeGatt (Saint Boniface) and Archbishop James Weisgerber (Winnipeg). Read message.

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G. Diocesan Catechetical Policy

H. Video Saint-Boniface Cathedral, 2016

Citizens of Winnipeg, from all cultures and faith traditions, talk about the importance of the Saint Boniface Cathedral for the City of Winnipeg, as a meeting space and source of initiatives for the common good and the harmony between all.

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I. Financial Statements of the C.A.C.R. of St. Boniface for the years ending:   2014 2015 2016.

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