Sharing the Wisdom of Time

Loyola Press has created a new website "Sharing the Wisdom of Time".

This website shares stories of wisdom that are passed from generation to generation.

You can participate and share your memories or stories of how an elder impacted you in a positive manner!

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“To walk toward the future, the past is needed.” –Pope Francis


Welcome Grandparents & Elders

Grandparents have a precious role in a child's and youth's spiritual and religious development.

If you are interested in starting a Canadian Chapter of Catholic Grandparents Association please contact the Archdiocesan Coordinator of Catechetics for assistance.


#IamWithYouAlways The Holy Father prays with grandparents and aged persons from all over the world, the official Prayer for the First World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly (July 25th, 2021) from the Dicastery Laity Family Life




 Pope points to vital role of grandparents in passing on faith

(Vatican Radio) The vital role of grandparents in passing on the faith through their families: echoing a theme that he spoke of during the flight over to Brazil, Pope Francis on Friday stressed the essential dialogue between the youngest and oldest members of society…

Listen to Philippa Hitchen's report: RealAudioMP3


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Our mission

“To help Grandparents pass on the faith and keep prayer in the heart of family life”

To provide advice and information to help Grandparents pass on the faith.

Grandparents Pilgrimages are organised worldwide annually.

The Pope’s universal Prayer for Grandparents, written by Pope Benedict XVI at our request, is distributed and promoted by the CGA.

The childrens’ Prayer Appeal - Children are invited to compose prayers in honour of their Grandparents. These are presented at the Offertory during Pilgrimage Masses.

Grandparents’ Day in School – where Grandparents share experiences and stories of growing-up.

Adopt-a-Prayer-Child - Grandparents Pray for sick children by name.

Children’s Eucharistic Prayer Card – this encourages Grandparents to introduce their Grandchildren to pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

Fun and Faith-filled Events – Grandparents Masses, workshops, prayer services, walks of faith etc.

Members’ Intentions are remembered in monthly Masses and prayers

To establish a World Grandparents Day



Rediscover Faith YouTube Video Links

2016 Catholic Grandparent Conference Videos   

30:34 "Intergenerational Faith: A Key to Reviving Our Spiritual Heritage" by Katherine Kersten