Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Reading the Protocol should give us a greater understanding of the ins and outs of this document. Also, very important with this document is Appendix D (a) "Determining the Risk". This section will explain clearly, I hope, who must have police criminal check and a Child Abuse Registry (C.A.R.) check.

We taught that it would be beneficial to all concern that we add a section called: "Frequently Asked Questions" (F.A.Q.) to try to answer some of the concerns that have come up since last September and with the beginning of the implementation of this document. Below, you will find basic and sample questions with possible answers. Hopefully, this will help in making the application of this Protocol easier. You can contact us at  for further questions.

1. Who must have Police checks and Child Abuse Registry checks ?

All persons (volunteers / Employees) that rate in the high risk categories. (Appendix D (b))

2. What is the costs for these checks ? Who pays for them ? What is the timeline on the checks ?

R.C.M.P.: $25.00 -> employees

$0.00 -> volunteers

City of Winnipeg Police: $32.00 -> employees and volunteers

Child Abuse Registry: $10.00 -> employees; 

 $0.00 ->volunteers

The cost of these checks are the responsibility of the parish.

The checks are good for 5 years.

3. Do the volunteers / employees have to go through the three (3) checks ?

All volunteers / employees working within the city limits must have the Winnipeg Police check and the Child Abuse Registry check. All volunteers / employees working outside of the city limits must have the R.C.M.P. check and the Child Abuse Registry check.

4. If someone has these checks done on a regular basis, does the person still have to go through the checks if he/she volunteers in the parish ?

A copy/photocopy of the documents will be enough.

5. Who decides who will be Safe Environment Coordinator ?

It is up to the parish to choose whom they want as Safe Environment Coordinator. It can be an employee or a volunteer or a coordinator of Catechetics; the parish priest would be the one that ultimately decides.

6. Which program do we use to train the employees/volunteers in regards to sexual abuse programs ?

We are using the Commit to Kids Program which is sponsored by the Canadian Centre of Child Protection ( This program is a step-by-step plan to help organizations reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and create safer environments for the children in their care.