A Letter from our Archbishop

August 1, 2014

Dear parishioners,

      During the pastoral year 2013-2014, we launched the Diocesan Action Plan.  In it, we stated that, as a Church, we commit ourselves “...to live and celebrate our call to holiness, to evangelize, and to build a community in God’s image, grounded in love, justice, peace and reconciliation” (Action Plan, page 16).

     A day of formation and reflection was then organized, on May 28th last, to help us put into motion this plan which seeks to promote the growth of the Church and to undertake a New Evangelization. Presentations were given on the elements of growth within several Christian Churches and on the concept of parish leadership teams.

     The Catholic parish of the Nativity (Timonium, Maryland) is one model of a growing Church and its story is told in the book Rebuilt (see here) . This book, and the French book La croissance de l’Église (see here), were distributed to the priests of the diocese during the feast of Saint Boniface on June 5th, in order to inspire the priests in their efforts for the renewal and leadership of their parishes.

     I strongly encourage all priests and members of the Parish Pastoral Councils (PPC), and indeed all the faithful of the diocese, to read one of these very interesting books that show us how we can, together, move forward in living out the mission of Church and promoting its growth. YES, growth is possible! It is, indeed, the will of God (1Tim 2, 4). May the Lord guide and enlighten us so that we may come to collaborate in God’s desire to make His Word known and accepted by all (Act 12: 24). Let us go out to meet all the people that He wants to encounter and save through His most merciful grace!


 Sincerely in Christ,

†Albert LeGatt,

Archbishop of Saint Boniface

Committee for the Renewal & Growth of Parishes

Chair: Mike Fritschij  

Email: rg_rc@archsaingboniface.ca



Renewal & Growth of Parish Pastoral Councils