Evangelization - Archives of Tips

TIP #1 - IDENTIFY one person who does not have a faith relationship with God and who is in your circle of influence, your ‘oïkos’ (a Greek word including 3 categories of relationships) : 1) your extended family, 2) friendship, those you like to hang out with, and 3) associates, those with whom you have a working relationship. Click here for sketches of some faces. Choose one, cut it out, write on it, the name of the person you have identified in your circle of influence and put it on your fridge or in your Bible.

TIP #2 - PRAY for the person you identified in TIP # 1 (you can pray for more than one).

"Abide in Me as I abide in you! …No branch can bear fruit by itself, unless you remain in Me…” (John 15:4-5).This is most important. Everything begins and ends with prayer. Pray at Mass during intercession, during your personal prayer time, always as you go about your day. God puts on our lips the words. Persistent prayer reaches people and encourages us. Bless and thank God for how their life is being altered day by day.

TIP # 3 - PRAY the DANGEROUS PRAYER Lord, today, I give You my permission to do whatever You want with me; to place on my path someone who needs to hear about Your love and Your saving grace.

TIP #4 - LISTEN to the life circumstances of the person you are praying for. This gives you insight into their life. Enter into that place where they are at. Offer a listening ear.

TIP #5 - SERVE Life’s circumstances will show you how you can walk alongside the person you are praying for. Perhaps you can offer to watch their children for an evening so they can go out; rake the leaves; bring them some soup if they are ill... You will see the Holy Spirit guide you as you LISTEN.

TIP # 6 - SHARE your personal faith story and your relationship with God. How is your life enriched by your relationship with God? A door will open for you to naturally share. Next time we will look at what the components of a good story are – a meaningful introduction, building to a climax and then a conclusion of the change in your life.

 TIP #7 SHARE – WRITE OUT YOUR FAITH SHARING STORY. Say in simple words how Jesus has made a difference in your life. Next time, we will look at how to use a simple language free of Christian jargon. Click here for the document to help you write you faith sharing story. 

TIP #8 SHARE - Your Faith Sharing Story WITHOUT USING RELIGIOUS LANGUAGE  Start with everyday language. Later you will have the opportunity to go into details. The goal is to ensure that the door does not close even before you have an opportunity to communicate a truth. To review your written ‘Faith Story’ and find the language document, click here. While you work on your story, other ideas will come to mind.