Action Plan 2013-2018

Message from Archbishop Albert LeGatt


Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

As we set out for a trip, we always take something to guide our way, be it a map, a compass, or a GPS. So it is for us, the people of God, on our pilgrims’ journey, as we follow our guide, Christ, who is the way, the truth, and life itself.

Through the ages, Jesus calls the Church to fulfill particular needs and pay attention to signs of the times. Over the last four years, the Church of Saint Boniface has identified a number of issues to be addressed along these lines.

In the wake of many discussions and consultations, in parishes, regions, and the diocese, we have defined our mission, our values, and our guiding principles for the next five years. This Action Plan explains the objectives we aim to achieve.

This plan is of concern to diocesan services as well as all parishes of the Archdiocese. For this reason, I invite all of you to bring this plan to fruition, each in your own way, taking into account your own circumstances. Parishioners’ participation must be fostered and training must be available if parishioners are to commit to ministries at the service of the mission. We must also find ways to make disciples capable of proclaiming the Gospel to anyone who has not yet answered God’s call.

I invite you to read this Plan thoroughly and reflect on the ways in which these objectives can be reached. Keep the booklet within reach so that it can serve as a guide and compass in your pastoral activities. Finally and most importantly, may it serve as a reminder to pray for one another in a joint effort to strengthen the Kingdom of God in our midst, here and now.

+Archbishop Albert LeGatt, Archbishop of Saint Boniface

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