Description of Service

Evangelization is the foremost service that the Church can provide to every individual and to humanity as a whole, according to Pope John- Paul II. During the Year of Faith, Pope Francis declared: Let us remember that faith is not owned but shared. It follows that the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface wants to devote its efforts toward the new evangelization with the aim of proclaiming the Gospel to all those who do not know God’s love or who have not responded to God’s call.

Missionary proclamation is an invitation to persons who have not yet heard Christ’s call to become his disciples.

New Projects and Implementation Phases


  • Create a section for evangelization on the new diocesan website.
  • Within the catechetical activities include the idea of missionary proclamation to parents who are not involved with the Church.


  • Bring to parishioner’s awareness the missionary aspect of their pastoral services.
  • Set up small group pilot projects that could serve as models for evangelization in parishes.
  • Find a way to promote new evangelization and parish growth within the renewed Nathanael program.


  • Set up youth groups in the diocese that could evangelize other youth.



Vacant until further notice

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