What is Nathanael?

Nathanael is a process of discernment and a program of formation whereby the baptized are assisted in coming to a better understanding of their personal vocation and their capacity to carry it out. The program provides personal, spiritual, intellectual, and missionary formation enabling the candidates to enrich and deepen their faith and their relationship with Christ, to bear witness to the world and to evangelize.


Nathanael is a journey whereby each candidate is the primary agent of their own formation. Supported by the formation team, the candidate, open to the action of the Holy Spirit, allows himself/herself to be formed...

  • by the word of God through prayer, in the community, and through  life’s events;
  • in the light of theological content; by remaining true to one’s own charisms.

 The candidate moves toward a closer relationship with God, deepening their sense of vocation and their ability to respond to their unique call




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Adult Faith Formation