Testimonies from Participants

What people, from our parishes, are saying about Season III, In the Footsteps of Christ, which had Social Justice as a major theme ...

  • For many, this has been a realization of how much they don’t know, or didn’t know they were missing.  Growth! EVERYONE appreciated the small group format ... and the trust, honesty, and openness that evolved.
  • The leaders felt more challenged by Season 3 than the previous two and had doubts about their leadership but they all felt the Spirit was active in their groups and the sessions went well.  Group members reported that they were more aware of the needs of others.
  • Before ARISE I had started my own journey of faith, and ARISE has given me a community of believers to share with; the faith and hearts of others has touched my heart to continue on my journey, but this time not alone.
  • The enjoyment of getting to know members of our church which would not be possible without these ARISE sessions; it’s so refreshing to be able to share our faith and our personal thoughts on a weekly basis with others.
  • Through our sharing we became more aware that we should be more welcoming in our church; many members decided to change their Mass times, change where they sat, and made a conscious effort to get to know more parishioners.
  • Learning about the 10 Social Principles of the Catholic faith; it gives a framework to the contributions we make to family, community and church.
  • Our groups have been challenged by Season Three to look at the greater picture but I think all groups have responded positively. [...] this season of ARISE really shook us up  to realize all the possibilities of lending a hand and spreading the good news to those in our community at large and those abroad.  
  • The aspect I saw from the groups was more action in both the parish as well as outreach to the local community and abroad. Examples: a Friday night mass arranged for all Arise groups, taking time to welcome new and old people to the parish, donations to a local food bank which will be carried forward throughout the year, a social justice committee set up which will also work with Peace and Development as well as plans to work with Siloam Mission House throughout the year.

Adult Faith Formation