How ARISE works

ARISE Together in Christ is a total renewal experience for the parish, spiritually transforming people through small Christian communities, special parish activities, reflections for families with teens and children, and Christian social action. Because of the variety of ways in which people are engaged, something is available for every parishioner, creating a unifying and enthusiastic spiritual climate in the parish.

Over a three-year period, there are five six-week blocks of time, each called a "Season". Each of these Seasons has a major gospel theme that is broken down into weekly themes. To ensure a successful experience, RENEW International provides comprehensive training for the ARISE Diocesan Team, ARISE Parish Teams, and parish Small Community Leaders.

 The flow of the ARISE Together in Christ process is as follows, with formation sessions offered prior to the beginning of each Season in the parishes:



Time of Year


Season I

Fall 2012

Encountering Christ Today

Season II

Lent 2013

Change Our Hearts

Season III

Fall 2013

In the Footsteps of Christ

Season IV

Lent 2014

New Heart, New Spirit

Season V

Fall 2014

We Are the Good News!


A closer look at the flow of each Season...



Session Themes by Season


Season One: Encountering Christ Today


Session 1 Gathering Together in Christ

Session 2 Jesus, the Healing Presence of God

Session 3 Jesus, the Greatest Teacher


Session 4 Jesus, the Compassionate Face of God

Session 5 Jesus, the Word Among Us

Session 6 Christ Lives in Me


Season Two: Change Our Hearts


Session 1 "Repent and Believe the Good News"

Session 2 God’s Beloved

Session 3 Thirsting for New Life


Session 4 From Darkness to Light

Session 5 Bound Together by a Promise

Session 6 Into Holy Week with Christ


Season Three: In the Footsteps of Christ


Session 1 Called to Follow in Christ’s Footsteps

Session 2 Called to Christ’s Mission Today

Session 3 Called to Bring Joy and Hope


Session 4 Called to Life-Giving Love

Session 5 Called to be Neighbour

Session 6 Called to ARISE!


Season Four: New Heart, New Spirit


Session 1 Life Choices

Session 2 The Transforming Power of Forgiveness

Session 3 Rebuilding


Session 4 Children of Light

Session 5 Unbinding and being Unbound

Session 6 New Creation


Season Five: We Are the Good News!


Session 1 "Come and See"

Session 2 Sowing Seeds

Session 3 Go and Make Disciples


Session 4 The Spirit at Work

Session 5 Many the Gifts

Session 6 We Are the Good News!


Adult Faith Formation