La Griteria - Celebrated in Nicaragua on December 8

La Griteria (loosely translated to “The Shouting”) is celebrated throughout Nicaragua on December 8, at the end of the Novena to the Immaculate Conception. Hosts will move their altars from inside the house to the sidewalk or street, and groups of people will gather and go around to the different street altars while singing to the Virgin Mary. After a series of songs, the leader will shout: “Quien causa tanta alegria” (who causes so much joy) and everyone responds, “La Concepción de Maria” (The Conception of Mary). After the shouting, the hosts distribute goods, candies, fruits, etc. to the group of people who “Le Gritaron a La Virgen” (shouted to the Virgin Mary). The group of people then move to another altar and another group takes its place; this can continue until midnight. Some neighbourhoods will also set off fireworks to celebrate La Griteria.

Some of the Nicaraguan families of Nuestra Señora de La Asunción Parish will celebrate "The Griteria" on Sunday, December 4th, after the 11 AM Mass at 200 Kenny St. in Winnipeg. They invite you and your friends and family to come and celebrate with them.