Walking Together


"As Archbishop of St. Boniface, I ask the faithful of the diocese, parish by parish, to organize ways to learn more about the residential schools and the many elements of their tragic legacy. In addition, I encourage the faithful to support popular movements initiated and led by lay people within the Catholic Church in Canada, such as Catholics for Truth and Reconciliation, in their various efforts." - Bishop Albert LeGatt

Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Reconciliation Journey
We invite you to avail yourself of the prayers, educational resources and organisations for reconciliation, including the educational tool 4 Seasons of Reconciliation (for info, click here), as well as the formation of diocesan discussion groups using the resource Listening to Indigenous Voices (for info, click here). Let us walk together in humility to practice right and just relationships in our daily lives. Finally, let us ask the Lord to continue to guide us on this journey.