The almsgiving component of our Lenten commitment does not necessarily have to mean a financial contribution. There are many other ways of giving, including making a gift of self. You will find below a few ideas that could help inspire you to find new ways to give of yourself this Lent. 


Consider writing a daily affirmation note to someone special in your life. You could also choose to send an affirmation via text or email to a different person every day during Lent. 

Meal Delivery

You could choose to make a meal for an elderly neighbour, or maybe you have a neighbour who just had surgery or who has recently welcomed a baby into their home and would really appreciate the gift of a meal being prepared for them. You could even order them a meal and have it delivered to them to enjoy. 

Acts of Kindness

Look for opportunities to perform an act of kindness for another; this could be for friends, family members, or even for people you find difficult to love. 

Practice Gratitude

This Lent could be a good opportunity to give up complaining and instead practice gratitude. You could start or end each day by taking time to reflect and write down the blessings of the day. You may just find that by the end of Lent, you are more aware of the small joys of each day and are radiating this joy to those around you.

Decluttering Challenge

You can find many decluttering challenges online, but the basic principle is that each day you would go through an area of your home and remove items you no longer need. Are there things that you are no longer using but that could be of great use to another family? Consider giving these items away. You could aim to give away an item every day during Lent.

Care Packages For Those Experiencing Homelessness

You could prepare care packages containing wrapped food items and warm clothing, such as socks and mittens, and then distributing them to those in your area who are experiencing homelessness.