“Prayer and fasting are good, but better than either is almsgiving accompanied by righteousness…It is better to give alms than to store up gold; for almsgiving saves one from death and expiates every sin. Those who regularly give alms shall enjoy a full life.”  
(Tobit 12.8-9)

Almsgiving might be the most overlooked of the three pillars. However, it is an invitation to love and care for our neighbour, while trusting that God will continue to provide for our needs. It’s an invitation to look at the blessings that have been bestowed on us and recognize where we have an abundance that we could share with someone who is in need. It requires a choice to sacrifice some of our abundance for the good of the other.

We often view almsgiving as giving to charity, but there are also so many other ways of going about it. We could also choose to give of our time to help an elderly neighbour, or to go through our home during Lent and identify the items we no longer need or are no longer using that could be of benefit to someone else and give these items away.

The article entitled How to Add Almsgiving to Your Lent This Year by Jessica Mannen Kimmet could be a helpful starting point, especially for those who may be new to practicing almsgiving during Lent. It outlines some reasons for giving and provides helpful tips on how to get started.

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