For a lot of us, fasting may be the pillar we are the most familiar with. We were likely taught as children that Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fasting, and there’s a good chance our families abstained from meat on Fridays during Lent. You may also have been encouraged to fast from sweets during Lent, or maybe there was something you did as a family.

Our Lenten fast can really help us to draw closer to Christ in prayer and to be more attentive to what Jesus is doing in our lives if we let our desires for that from which we are fasting to be reminders to turn our eyes to Jesus and to unite ourselves to his suffering.

Fasting can take on many different forms; you could choose to fast from a type of food or your favourite beverage, but it could also mean fasting from Netflix or from showering with hot water, or another creature comfort we really enjoy. You could also choose to fast from one of your less desirable habits. The possibilities are pretty much endless, but you should try to choose something that will truly be a sacrifice for you and that will not prevent you from carrying out your responsibilities.

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