Saint Paul VI now celebrated on May 29 on Roman Calendar

Paul VI
 (Giovanni Battista Montini) was born on September 26, 1897 in Concesio, Italy.

On May 29, 1920 he was ordained a priest. Elected pope on June 21, 1963 after the death of John XXIII, he took the name of Paul VI and brought the Second Vatican Council to its completion.
A great advocate of human rights, he preached peace and is the author of the famous encyclical Humanae Vitae. Paul VI died on August 6, 1978.

To read the Decree on the inscription of the celebration of St. Paul VI in the General Roman Calendar, click here.

Guide to 'Taking Communion to the Sick or Shut-In'

Taking Communion to the Sick or Shut-In

The Committee for Formation in Liturgy in English has created a short guideline based on the directives found in the ‘Pastoral Care for the Sick’ by the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops. The guide outlines what to do and say when taking communion to the sick or shut-in. The document is short and may be formatted as you wish (larger print if needed) and printed for easy use. The simple ritual and prayers may be adapted (simplified) as needed depending upon the condition and circumstances of the person who is receiving communion. View document.

Resources for preparing Celebrations of Penance

Many of you asked for resources to help prepare the faithful for the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation). We have a number of different resource books available for loan, including general discussion about the various forms of the sacrament (private individual confession, communal celebrations with individual confession and absolution). Here are some of the titles and a summary of their content … These resources may be loaned out through the Pastoral Centre Library system.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops published “Penance celebrations” in 1981 and within this book you can find notes on preparing and celebrating the sacrament. There are outlines for the celebrations (from introductory to concluding prayers) as well as models for the Examination of Conscience.

National Bulletin on Liturgy (published by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops): Two volumes in the past have dealt in detail with the sacrament of Penance.

The Rite of Penance: Trying it again for the very first time. 2001 #164 vol. 34  (This volume various forms of celebrating the sacrament are discussed).

The Rite of Penance: A sharing of Pastoral Wisdom 2001 #165 vol. 34(This volume discusses the celebration of penance with children and high school students and there is also a presentation of the texts for the Examination of Conscious based on three scriptural readings (Matthew 5:3-10 ; Luke 4:18-19 ; Psalm 139)

Alternative Futures for Worship Vol 4 Reconciliation (Edited by Peter Fink SJ, et al.,1987) This book contains 4 articles on different aspects of the sacrament – including psychological dimensions, reconciliation of groups, reconciliation and forgiveness as well as a history of the sacrament. The book also includes 4 alternative models for celebrating the sacrament for reflection.

Celebrating Forgiveness by Rev William J. Koplik and Joan Brady, 1987. This book outlines 15 model celebrations, including those for various seasons, in preparation for receiving sacraments for families, before funerals etc.)

Funeral celebrations: Special time for evangelization

At the General Assembly of the Clergy on November 5, 2014, Susan Shefchyk, Chairperson for the Committee for Formation in Liturgy in English, gave a presentation on the topic of “Funeral celebrations: Special time for evangelization”. The material represented some of the discussion at the recent CCCB National Liturgy Office meeting held in St John’s NL. An abridged version of the presentation in either Powerpoint and PDF formats may be accessed by clicking the following:

For the PPS presentation, click here.

For a PDF version of the material, click here.

Copyright information

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops have the following copyright guidelines. "Rights and Permission" (click here)

Resource Library

We have  books, articles, journals and DVDs related to various topics in liturgy, ranging from sacramental theology to practical guides for preparing and planning the various liturgies we celebrate. The material is housed in Room B56 on the lower level of the Pastoral Centre where it can be viewed; materials can be loaned out through the Pastoral Centre Resource Library. Loaner boxes with various materials (which could include books, article, DVDs)  on a particular topic are also available for parish liturgy committees to use.

NEW AS OF JANUARY 2016: There are prepared packages of materials on various themes related to liturgy that may be taken out by parishes for periods of 6 weeks. Each package or box has a variety of resources that include books, CDs or DVDs on a particular topic. The topics include: Lent/Triduum/Easter;  Advent/Christmas/Epiphany;  Sacraments and Rites;  Sacrament of Penance;  RCIA;  Forming Liturgical Ministers; Liturgy of the Hours (morning and evening prayer);  Sunday Celebration of the Word; Music during hte Liturgy;  Encironment - Preparing the worship space.

Loaner material may be picked up and returned by making arrangements with Agata Johns at the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Pastoral Centre (; phone 204-594-0271). For more information on the materials included, contact the English Liturgy Committee at

On-line Resources

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has a variety of resources, including those from the National Liturgy Office, that reflect the orientation and information relevant for Canadian parishes. For more information on liturgical topics, click on the links below.

National Liturgy Office  

The NLO supports the works of the bishops in terms of developing guidelines, and educational tools related to liturgical topics for Canadian parishes. For some of the resources, click on NLO for the home site or go to the links described below.  

On-line Ordo (liturgical calendar)  click on calendar.  



NLO Documents for Catechesis on our Liturgy

Over the years, the National Liturgy Office has developed a number of documents on various liturgical topics; these documents are PDF format and are formatted to create foldable pamphlets on single sheets of paper. They are of no cost and you are invited to use them in your parishes. By going to the website (click on picture below), you can view all of their various documents.


General Instructions for the New Roman Missal 

The complete instructions and explanation for the current Roman Missal are found in this document. Everything is included with regard to the actions, objects and participants in the Mass. To view the document click here ...

 National Council for Liturgical Music (NCLM) 

This council provides guidelines and education related to the music used in our liturgical celebrations. Click on NCLM home page.


Roman Curia (Vatican) 

Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium)

In 1963, the first document from the work of the Second Vatican Council was released and its focus was on the liturgy of the church. This document has served as our basic framework and building foundation for renewal and implementation of liturgy we share throughout the Catholic Church in the world today. To read this document click here ...

Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments   

This Vatican website contains various documents from the Congregation related to the liturgy and the celebration of the sacraments. To view this site click here ...

Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy Principles and Guidelines 2001

This directory from the Congregation for Divine Worship describes various traditions and practices of popular piety found in the Catholic Church and addresses the relation between these expressions of popular piety and the liturgy of the Church.    To view this document click here ...

US and Austalian Links

The bishops of other English speaking conferences also have liturgy resources for their countries and often we find these links as we "google" topics. It is important to realize that norms, feasts and other details related to the liturgy  may vary slightly between English speaking countries -- reflecting cultural and other factors. As Catholics in Canada, our orientation is determined by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Catholic Church of Australia

Websites Related to Music in the Liturgy

Canadian Resources

National Council for Liturgical Music associated with the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops

Prairie Messenger: To access this resource one must have a subscription to the Prairie Messenger (A subscription is $37 a year for 45 issues. An e-edition subscription is available for $37.) Several times a year, the suggested music for the Sunday liturgies are presented with suggestions from a variety of hymnals commonly used in Canada and the US. To view an example of  what the resource offers click here.   

USA Resources

The Sunday Website of Saint Louis University: This website has a section dedicated to music and includes sections titled “Meditations for Musicians”, Sunday Music in Parishes (describes what different parishes are using in their Sunday liturgy music selections), “Musical Musings” and “Music Planning Checklist”. To view the material, click here.

National Association of Pastoral Musicians: This American website has extensive suggestions for Sunday liturgies. It relates the music selections to the readings and includes suggestions found in the Catholic Book of Worship, Breaking Bread and Glory and Praise to name but a few of the hymnals they refer to. To view, click here.

Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) publishes Breaking Bread, a hymnal used by some parishes in our diocese. They publish “Today’s Liturgy” four times a year (free to those who have purchased Breaking Bread; $20US  per year if you just want the hard copy or downloadable single copy); this journal includes suggestions for the music selection through the year. For more information, click here. 

 Courses in Liturgy

University of Notre Dame - Institute for Church Life

The University of Notre Dame has a rich tradition in Catholic education including various adult education programs with both in-person and distance on-line programs. The University of Notre Dame's Institute for Church Life has a STEP Theology On-Line program of adult education that  includes non-academic course offerings in liturgy as well as various topics in catechetics and theology in general. The courses may be taken individually for interest or one may take a series of courses for a certificate program. Readings, reflections and on-line discussions make up the courses -- no exams or term papers are required. Several members of the Liturgy Education committee have taken some of these courses and here's what they say:  

  Testimonial from committee members who took Liturgy: A Guide for the Perplexed  

Liturgy: Knocked Breathless --- by the powerful glance of God is how Professor Nathan Mitchell describes the church as a worshipping people, liturgical assembly, and holy mystery. This online course, guided by a facilitator, provides a refreshing way to examine liturgy through the framework of the sacraments. Individual learning from the lecture material propagates to the communal learning fostered by the forum discussions and chats where the participants share their perspectives and experiences related to the materials.

For additional information, please email the committee ( and you will be put in touch with someone who has taken the course(s) you are interested in.

For more information on STEP program Click on image below...


Newman Theological College (Edmonton)

Newman Theological College has recently created the Benedict XVI Institute which offers a Certificate in Liturgy through non-academic on-line courses. To see about the program and courses offered   click here ...