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Nooma: Breathe: DVD (CC)
Auteur (s) :    Bell, Rob
Langue :    Anglais
Type :    DVD
Année de parution :    2008
Éditeur :    Nooma
Système Dewey :    DVD 248.4 NOO
  Description :
With everything that we've got going on everyday, how many of us ever think about our breathing, about the meaning of beathing? Yet for thousands of years, people have understood that our physical breath is a picture of a deeper spiritual reality. In the Bible, the word for "breath" is the same as the word for "spirit". Maybe if we had more insight into hte meaning of breathing, we would better understand how God created us as human beings.
  Notes :
approx. 14 min, subtitles in several languages

Nooma is a series of 24 short films that explore our world from the perspective of Jesus.
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