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other.gif Momnipotent: KIT
Auteur (s) :    Bean, Danielle
Langue :    Anglais
Type :    Autre
Année de parution :    2014
Éditeur :    Ascension Press
Système Dewey :    KIT 204.41 MOM
  Description :
The Not-So-Perfect-Woman's Guide to Catholic Motherhood.
With genuine humor and wisdon, Danielle Bean will encourage and inspire you to rediscover and reconnect with the beautiful, feminine strenghts of your unique vocation to motherhood. Using her tried and true advice, you will be empowered to make personal, positive changes that will lead to a happy, balandec, and fullfilled life. This KIT contains the book, the journal, the leader's guide.
  Notes :
Kit contains :
book (978-1-935940-61-6)
journal (978-1-935940-62-3
leader's guide (978-1-935940-63-0)
This resource is located in Marriage, Family and Life Office.
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