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No Greater Love: A Unique Portrait of the Carmelite Nuns: DVD
Langue :    Anglais
Type :    DVD
Année de parution :    2011
Éditeur :    Ignatius Press
Système Dewey :    DVD 255 NOG
  Description :
This documentary gives a unique insight into the closed world of the Carmelite Nuns. This film interweaves a year in the life of the monastery with the daily rhythms of Divine Office and work. Though mainly a meditational film, there are several interviews with the nuns, which offers insights into their lives, faith, moments of doubt and their blief in the power of prayer in hte heart of the community.
  Notes :
1 DVD, Spanish and English subtitles, 105 min.
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Nombre de copies présentement empruntées :    1


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