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Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible : The Nativity/The Miracles of Jesus : DVD.
Langue :    Anglais
Type :    DVD
Année de parution :    2002
Éditeur :    GoodTimes Entertainment Limited
Système Dewey :    DVD 268.432 GRE
ISBN / ISSN :    0-7662-1119-3
  Description :
The Nativity: The Story of Jesus' birth represents a new birth of hope for humanity. Now, with this animated film, you can reintroduce your family to this classic Biblical tale.

The Miracles of Jesus: The miracles performed by Jesus reveal His divinity and suggest that those who come to God through Christ will themselves be miraculously transformed. You and your family can revel in the wonder of these miracles with this animated film.
  Notes :
100 min. Double Feature. Animated. General. Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible
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Nombre de copies présentement empruntées :    0


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