Community Chinese Catholic Community


Fr. JB Nguyen Anh Duy

Contact Person for the Chinese Community:

Wei Wei Lou - 204-228-1330


85 Kirkbridge Drive
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3T 5S7

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Mandarin speaking Chinese people interested in the Christian faith are invited to meet Sundays from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM for Bible and faith sharing.
Participants are introduced to Christ and have fellowship with one another.

Those who wish to receive baptism and be part of the Catholic Church can be prepared for this sacrament.
English courses are offered without any charge to new immigrants.

Contact person:

Li Lu (鲁丽) 204-869-4710 国语 英语(Mandarin and English)

Francis 204-612-6557 粤语 英语(Cantonese and English)

Groupe d’étude biblique

Dimanche - 11h30
Langue: Chinois

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