The Good Shepherd Campaign, 2017

This year’s campaign which has a goal of $300,000 is officially launched as of Sunday, November 19th, 2017. Initiated by the Archbishop of Saint-Boniface, the goal of the campaign is to provide the funds to fully support our seminarian program and our clergy.

The 2017 Good Shepherd Campaign will support:

  • the seminarian education and internship program;
  • the efforts to invite, welcome, support and help to integrate priests who come to us from other countries;
  • the ongoing professional development of clergy.


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 Archbishop Albert LeGatt's Letter on the Good Shepherd Campaign 2017

 "...Your gift will help the diocese to assure all the resources needed for the formation of seminarians and for the ongoing formation of international priests coming to help us."

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 Meet Our Seminarians for the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface 2017-2018

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Serge Buissé 

Peter Le Van Ngu

Christian Mutombo

Paul Nguyen 

Jean-Baptiste Nguyen

Brian Trueman 


Fr. Joshua Gundrum is the Diocesan Director for Vocations to the Priesthood

For more information on the Good Shepherd Campaign of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface:

Contact Suzanne Munroe at

 Did you know?

Our seminarians pay the cost of their undergraduate degrees and work during the summer to help fund their education.     

Our clergy contribute $21,000 annually to the support of our seminarians.

 Why do we donate?

- Denis & Jacqueline Beaudette, 2016 Campaign Donors -


We believe in the power of prayer.  But faith without good works is insufficient. Today, let us rejoice that some of God’s children are answering His call and committing themselves to consecrated life. The “Good Shepherd Campaign” responds to these young people, providing them with the necessary means to continue their journey to the priesthood. Because we are members of the same body, it is essential that we support each other, spiritually, but also... financially! Nothing, no one, can surpass the power of a shepherd to guide his flock. Let us believe that the Holy Spirit will provide.