Weekly News Bulletin

 Weekly News Bulletin (WNB)

This newsletter, published by the Communications office, lists upcoming events in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface and other announcements from related organizations. Its main purpose is to provide information to parishes for possible inclusion in parish bulletins. The news bulletin is published every Tuesday at which time it is emailed to all parishes and subscribed members. As well, it is posted online on the archdiocesan website at: http://www.archsaintboniface.ca/english/index.php

Announcements for the WNB may be submitted at any time to the Communications office. However, announcements must be submitted no later than Monday 4:00 p.m. for publication the next day.

Please prepare each announcement according to the guidelines required. The volume of announcements submitted has increased a lot and it is important to have your collaboration to ensure you receive a very good service. Thank you for your precious collaboration.

Guidelines for preparing an announcement.

Subscription to the WNB is free. New members who wish to receive the bulletin should contact: communications@archsaintboniface.ca 

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