Description of Services

Ecumenism brings mutual enrichment to Christian communities: through discovering the workings of the Spirit in others, the different communities of faith are enlightened more fully about the mystery of Christ. As for dialogue with other religions, ecumenism shows that it is possible for the Church to speak of God to, and with, all people.

Current Projects

  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity;
  • Inter-diocesan participation in activities of Bat Kol, an international association of Christian women and men who are committed to study the Word of God in a Jewish context, and to incorporate their studies into Christian self-understanding in a manner that respects the integrity of both traditions;
  • An annual ecumenical meal during the Week for Christian Unity;
  • Four to five meetings a year of youth leaders from Christian churches, within the framework of the Ecumenical Youth Ministry Leaders’ committee (EYML).

The Pastoral Centre and the Archbishop’s Office will promote the following:

  • Week of Prayer for Christian Unity;
  • Regular ecumenical meetings of Anglican, Lutheran, Orthodox, Roman and Ukrainian Catholic bishops;
  • Participation of diocesan delegates to ecumenical and interfaith dialogues;
  • Initiatives encouraging parishes to commit to ecumenical and interreligious undertakings together with other local organizations, including those related to education and testimonies of charity and social justice.

New Projects

  • The creation of a Diocesan Commission for Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue to provide guidance and support to parishes.

Interchurch and
Interfaith Learning

Coordinator: Greg Barrett

Telephone: 204-269-6363





Interchurch and Interfaith Learning