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A Guided Retreat for Christian Couples:

February 9-11, 2018

Are you looking to enrich, to reenergize or to heal your marriage?

The Service of Marriage, Family and Life at the Archdiocese of St. Boniface invites you to participate in an outstanding guided retreat for Christian couples, which will be taking place just before Valentine’s Day next year, from February 9-11, 2018!

Couples will be invited to deepen their connection and create a more secure love relationships, by exploring 7 conversations for lasting love.  The retreat is based on the life-giving and highly effective method for helping couples: Emotionally Focused Therapy.  

Location: The retreat will be hosted at the beautiful St. Benedict’s Retreat Centre, which is located in West Saint Paul (just a few minutes outside of Winnipeg).

Cost: $395/couple; $350 early bird registration before 01/01/18.
This includes the cost of the retreat, as well as meals and snacks.

We encourage you consider making it a weekend away!
We are happy to offer economical accomodations on site, as well as make recommendations of nearby hotels.  Please note that the cost of accomodations would be yours to cover. Feel free to inquire for more details.


Resources for couples going through difficult times


The Service of Marriage, Family and Life has prepared a document that offers resources for couples going through difficult times.  It provides information on local resources and others available elsewhere in North America (offered online and by telephone).

 Click HERE for the Resources handout for marriages going through difficult times.



Mass for Widows and Widowers


A mass for widows and widowers is held annually in the Saint Boniface Cathedral.  Monseigneur LeGatt presides and offers a special blessing for this stage of life.  A reception follows.  Family and friends are welcome!

No registration is required.

Visit again soon!  The poster for the 2017 mass will be posted here shortly.


Grief Support Community Resources

One of the biggest changes in life comes when someone we cherish leaves us through death.

Grief is a reaction to losing someone. We all have experienced those loses throughout our lives. We all know grief, in our unique, personal way. Yet grief is something that connects us, as we all experience it. It is neither bad nor immoral, and cannot be processed by someone else.

We need to acknowledge that our grief has exacted its toll on us, but also appreciate what we have learned; understand that we can, and that those who cared about us want us to, move on. To view the Grief Support Community Resources, click here.

Other Resources for
upport of Marriages


Retrouvaille :

Designed to help troubled marriages, this program focuses on communication, and aims to get marriages back on the right track. A single-weekend experience, as well as follow-up sessions during several weekends, over the course of three months.


Beginning Experience :

A non-profit support program that focuses on the needs of divorcees, separated people or widows and widowers attended to by their peers. This program involves sessions that take place over a ten-week period, three times a year. Also available: Reflection weekends.


Marriage Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface:

Separated, divorced and remarried persons can request that their marriage be considered for a possible Declaration of Nullity at the Marriage Tribunal of the Catholic Church. The tribunal's main concern is to offer a healing process with compassion and hope; the Tribunal is fully committed to professional confidentiality.

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