Action Plan 2013-2018

Diocesan Action Plan 2013 - 2018

Youth Ministry: See page 6 of the Action Plan

Current Projects

  • A Youth Leadership Team: In August 2013, six young adults participated in a week-long leadership training session. These youth have committed themselves to be volunteers for one year and will give freely of their leadership skills to the Diocesan Youth Ministry service. It is expected that this initiative be so successful as to be repeated annually.

  • Gatherings: The youth pastoral team is planning four events in 2013-2014 so that young people can come together at the diocesan level. These events include a rally, an ecumenical meeting for youth, a youth conference with a guest speaker, and a youth component at the annual gathering of the Archdiocese.

  • Mentorship: The Archdiocese has hired a regional coordinator for Youth Ministry in one pastoral region. The coordinator will work with the parishes to support Youth Ministry initiatives. The Diocesan Youth Ministry coordinator will act as a mentor to the regional coordinator.

  • Resource kit: The development of this kit is a Diocesan Youth Ministry initiative which aims to offer formation and resources to all Youth Ministry coordinators.  All new Youth Ministry Coordinators in the Archdiocese will eventually be provided with this kit.

New Projects and Implementation Phases 2013-2018

  • Regional Coordinator for Youth Ministry: The Archdiocese plans to eventually hire a regional Youth Ministry Coordinator for each of its seven pastoral regions.

  • Training for Youth Ministry: The Archdiocese is aware of the need for educational programs and training workshops for Youth Ministry Coordinators. It is anticipated that a Youth Ministry certification program will be made available to all coordinators.

  • Diocesan Youth Gatherings: High quality meetings will be scheduled on a regular basis for young people in the Archdiocese. The Diocesan Youth Ministry Coordinator, assisted by the youth leadership team, will organize retreats, rallies, and diocesan conferences (four to six events annually).

  • Conferences for High School Students in Catholic Schools: The Service of Youth Ministry and the Service of Marriage, Family and Life shall collaborate to offer teens, conferences on love and sexuality from a Catholic perspective.

Youth & Young Adult Ministry