The Service of Marriage, Family and Life promotes a culture that respects the dignity of each and every person, throughout the different stages of life, from conception until natural death. We encourage the faithful, as well as all members of society, to reconsider how to promote and enhance the value of life and defend human dignity.




On June 17th, 2016, the Government of Canada passed Bill C-14, which legalized euthanasia/assisted suicide in our country.

Statement by CCCB President on the recent approval of Bill C-14 legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide:

The recent approval of Bill C-14, which legalizes euthanasia and assisted suicide in our country, stands as an appalling landmark decision to the utter failure of government, and indeed all society, to care truly, authentically and humanely for the suffering and vulnerable in our midst. Read more...


Cardinal Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, also issued a statement on the passing of euthanasia legislation in Canada:

To view the text of this statement, click here.

“RESPECT, DIGNITY, COMPASSION - At all stages of life and, especially, at the end of life”

The Catholic Health Corporation of Manitoba (CHCM) invites you to read and download their recent publication on Respect, Dignity and Compassion.  “As you read this publication, we encourage you to think about issues that touch us at the core of our being and to initiate a courageous conversation with your loved ones about death and end-of-life care.” Click here. 



From the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB):

Interfaith Representatives Call for Improved Palliative Care across Canada

"Compassion for those at the end of their lives is a Canadian value"

Ottawa, ON— On June 14th, representatives from various faith communities united to issue a joint call to Canada's elected officials to support a robust, well-resourced, national palliative care strategy and to raise awareness of inadequacies in palliative care, particularly in the wake of the debate over Physician-Assisted Dying/Suicide. Click here to read more. 




The National Week for Life and the Family was held this year from May 8th to May 15th, 2016

During this year’s National Week for Life and the Family in Manitoba, we focused on our Catholic response to euthanasia and assisted suicide, as well as discovering the compassionate and holistic approach to end of life with Palliative Care. If you were unable to attend the events that took place during the NWLF, you now have the opportunity to read about them here:  

Life is For Everyone


During a candid chat with Winnipeg’s three Catholic Archbishops, profound and intense questions, around issues of life, were addressed by the bishops. Read story.


Death "A Very Sacred Place"


'Our death-denying culture thinks of death as losing the battle’, says Dr. Chantale Demers. ‘The aim of palliative care is to add life to days, not just days to life’.    Read story.

Caring for People to the End of Life


End of life is ‘a sacred or a holy time,’ noted Fr. Miller, ‘but it can also be a time of pain, agony and a feeling of being abandoned.’  Read story. 

Please note that the presentations from the NWLF are available on DVD to borrow from the Marriage, Family and Life Service of the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface. For more information: Marie Brunet, 204-594-0274,

The National Week for Life and the Family was initiated by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and has become an annual event beginning on Mothers’ Day. In Manitoba, a tri-diocesan committee, whose members come from the Archdioceses of Winnipeg and Saint-Boniface, as well as the Archeparchy of Winnipeg, coordinates the Week’s activities. There is a new theme every year.

Activities are organized throughout the province during the week, by various parishes and organizations.  The majority of activities are open to all.  Families are also encouraged to live the week in their own way, in their own homes.


Other resources for


Life’s Vision :

Respect for Life Resource Centre. Aims to raise public awareness to life-affirming options, from the moment of conception to natural death. Offers educational resources and presentations.


Adoption Options :

Adoption Options, a non-for-profit adoption agency licensed by the Manitoba Government, provides a full range of adoption services to both birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents. Committed to offering quality, confidential, individualized service.


Birthright International :

Support services for women facing an unplanned pregnancy: listening without judging, helping to make an informed decision about the pregnancy, providing information about the many options available.

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