Mission Statement

“The definitive aim of catechesis is to put people not only in touch,

but also in communion and intimacy, with Jesus Christ”.

General Directory for Catechesis (GDC) #80



 The Service of Catechetics  at the Archdiocesan Centre provides services to rural and urban parishes in order that they may fulfill the mission of the church of Saint Boniface.

The service is responsible to respond to the needs of the archdiocese with models and methods of catechetical activities and resources.

Assistance is provided through the formation of catechists and encouragement of catechetical activity in parish community, school, and home environments.

The service collaborates with other ministries in regards to catechetical activities. Personnel and material resources are maintained and utilized to direct and engage all catechetical activities of the archdiocese. (see GDC 265, 266)

The service strives to address the needs of individuals in catechetical ministry and help to nurture a lifelong faith formation process, community experience and call to service.

It is through our commitment and with God’s grace that:

Pinguescent speciosa deserti The meadows of the wilderness overflow

 (Ps 64 : 12, our first bishop, Bishop Provencher’s motto, a continuing source of hope for our time)


 Click below for an Overview of the Diocesan Policy for Catechism

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Parent Sessions Leader Guides are available by sending requests to the Diocesan Service of Catechetics. 

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Coordinator: Koreen Hrizai





Ths Criteria for Catechesis: Infancy to Age 18 has been developed as a resource that the Bishops of Canada and their consultants may use to assist in the identification and development of catechetical programs within the diocese.  It is the hope of the Commission for Evangelizaiton and Catechesis of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops that this resource will guide all who are engaged in catechesis. Click on the image below for the full interactive document.